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Madhubani This ethnic style of painting is one of the best preserved art forms in India. Dating back to the 16th century, Madhubani paintings have been traditionally a women’s domain. In the festive season and family occasions the women in a Madhubani family used to paint the walls and floors with respect to the occasion at hand. Learn about Madhubani Learn about Madhubani Products View Items By Madhubani

Learn about Madhubani
Learn about Madhubani Products View Items By Madhubani

Profile Of Madhubani:on: underline">Profile Of Madhubani:

A refreshingly different folk art Madhubani paintings. Rural Bihari women who never heard of Picasso, make three dimensional imageries using vegetable colors on cow dung treated paper. Madhubani Paintings are an indigenous art form of a quaint village of Bihar. Here the women of the village maintain a matriarchal dominance over the craft . They paint figures from nature and myth on household and village walls to mark the seasonal festivals, for special events of the life-cycle, and when marriages are being arranged they prepare intricately designed wedding proposals , and the technique of painting is safely and zealously guarded by the women of this village, for it is to be passed on by a mother to her daughter. Women of this village have been practicing this art form for centuries but it came to the forefront only in the 1960s, when a drought hit the area and people had to think of an alternative non agricultural source of earning. Selling these traditional paintings on handmade paper was the best alternative. And today they are one of the most celebrated Folk Arts of the world.
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